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Satisfied Customers


Thank you Mark for being so thorough and answering all my questions clearly. We love your motto by the way – I’m always grateful for honest business people who educate. Knowledge can empower us and especially when you don’t know the things to look for or all the questions to ask. There were some issues identified today that would have been very serious for us. Now we have the opportunity to get them corrected or move on. Pretty important for quality of life. So job well done – I will return your survey because it is definitely worth my time!
-Bethany K., Home Buyer

I am always grateful when our buyers choose you for the inspection because you just do a great job for the clients and for us.
-Pat, Real Estate Agent

Thank you for a job well done for my clients. They were very pleased with your work. The builder and listing agent also commented to me how good a job you did and how professional you were…
-Carolyn, Real Estate Agent

Thank you so much for helping me with the xxxxxxxx family in Brighton. I appreciate you working them into your busy day on such short notice. They have total confidence in you and did not want someone else. I think you are the best.
-Chris, Real Estate Agent

Thanks for taking the time to explain everything and give maintenance suggestions. It really took some of the stress & anxiety out of the purchase process . . . .
-Steve & Steph, Home Buyers

Hey Mark, I really like the layout of the inspection thanks again for all your hard work.
-Mike, Home Buyer

I did mail in my survey on you in the last pack you gave me and I had only the highest marks (bubbles) for you!  I’ve got your card and will refer you when anyone asks me for an Inspector.
-Stacey, Home Buyer

Thank you for your high level of professional home inspection services today at our (hopefully) future house.  I appreciate your attention to detail and knowledgeable insight into the existing conditions of the property.  I will be pleased to recommend your home inspection services to friends or acquaintances in the future!
-Carl C., Home Buyer